Recognize potential. Develop a vision.
Create value.

How does one revive centuries old sleeping beauties and create lasting value? How can old buildings, steeped in history, be given a new purpose with style? And how can one guarantee a unique, modern, and urban lifestyle?

By keeping an eye on the big picture, recognizing the potential of a property, a district and the neighborhood, with an expert eye and then developing a vision. And: By implementing these ideas with passion and the professionalism that comes of many years of experience.

Welcome to the

Active throughout Europe, at home in Berlin.

We are specialists in residential and commercial properties in the most sought-after locations in Germany. We develop real estate projects for our clients that are always coherently designed and meet the highest aesthetic demands. Which make no compromises when it comes to comfort and design. Our properties guarantee new owners the highest value retention and exceptional returns.
In this way we create more value: for the city, the district, the inhabitants – simply for everyone involved.

Project development

Investment and project development at the highest level.

We are specialists in the development of high-quality real estate and in new construction projects. We invest throughout Germany in interesting properties in inner-city locations, develop them, increase and then maintain their value.

In this way we preserve historical buildings because we protect them from decay. And give them back to the city and its inhabitants. Top-modernized and ready for young, urban life.

We do not speculate with houses, but create added value. That is why we only invest in properties that suit us and our demanding customers. And develop high-quality, high-yield properties that make modern living dreams come true in a historical ambience.


Over 65 years of experience in construction. Excellent craftsmanship for three generations.

Our subsidiary, Heftol Construction GmbH, is one of the most traditional construction companies in the capital and, as part of the Heftol Group, reliably carries out our refurbishment and modernization work. The company was founded by Paul Stift in 1950 and had up to 350 craftsmen and plasterers. In 1980 the company was converted into the Stuck, Putz and Rabitz monastery and taken over by the sons Jürgen and Detlef. In 2002, the company was converted into Stift Bauaus ausführen and taken over by Mr Stefan Stift, and integrated into the Heftol Group in 2017 under the name Heftol Construction GmbH. Since its foundation, the company has played a decisive role in shaping Berlin’s cityscape, for example in the construction of the Europa Center, the Intercontinental Hotel, the House of Representatives, Tegel Airport, and the Berlin Philharmonic.

  • interior construction
  • drywall construction
  • paintwork
  • tiling work
  • stuccos
  • plastering
  • thermal insulation systems
  • string renovation
  • demolition works


Our added value: competence from experience.

Object acquisition

Recognise potential. Develop a vision. Seize opportunities.

We are always interested in exciting properties in high-quality locations.

The Heftol Group is always on the lookout:

• residential and commercial properties in a good location
• in need of redevelopment or with the potential of development
• with maintenance backlog or vacancy

Contact us so that we can convince ourselves of the potential of your property.


Your request is important to us!

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